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        大学英语精读第三版第一册课后习题全部答案 Unit1 1)e 2)g 3)j 4)a 5)b 6)i 7)c 8)d 9)h 10)f 1) handling 2) summarized 3) process 4) absorb 5) are bound to 6) feel free 7) for instance 8) strategies 9) complained 10) has committed 11) Nevertheless 12) rely on to memory 13) Apart from 14) command 1) over and over again 2) at a time 3) put it into practice 4) watching out for 1

        5) by no means 6) concentrate on 7) In addition t 8) in detail 1)action 2)employ 3)announce 4)examination 5)communication 6)express 7)compose 8)improvement 9)concentration 10)management 11)consider 12)motivate 13)development 14)movement 15)discuss 16)operate 17)division 18)production 19)educate 20)repeat 1) additional 2) add 3) addition 4) addition 1) effectively 2) effect 3) effective 4) effect 2

        1) helpful 2) help 3) helpless 4) help 5) helplessly 6) helpfully 7) helpful 1) reliant 2) reliable 3) reliance 4) relies 5) reliably 6) reliable 1) repetition 2) repeating 3) repeatedly 4) repeated 5) repetition 1) In my opinion 2) According to Mary 3) In our opinion 4) According to today's papers 5) In most doctors' opinion According to most doctors 1) Shakespeare was not only a dramatist but also an actor. 2) Miss Crain not only took me home in her car, but also came the next day to see if I had recovered. 3) Hainan Island attracts tourists not only in winter but also in summer. 4) There is always a black market not only in Britain, but also in other European countries. 5) At the Athens Olympics in 2004, Liu Xiang not only won a gold medal in the 110-meter hurdles, but also broke the Olympic record. 3

        1) It is true that your sentences are all grammatically correct, but they don’t make any sense. 2) It is true that they lost that battle, but they still went on fighting. 3) It is true that Tom’s very clever and hardworking, but I still don’t think he is the right person for the job. 4) It is true that learning English is by no means easy, but we can make the task easier by using some learning strategies. 1) strategies 2) frequently 3) over and over again 4) commit to memory 5) acquaintance 6) watch out for 7) communicate 8) process 9) opportunities 10) rely on 11) put into practice 12) absorbed 1) if 2) about 3) it 4) know 5) up 6) as 7) addition 8) even 9) into 10) other 11) for 12) while 1) memorize 4

        2) a matter of 3) taught 4) shelf 5) realize 6) written 7) idiomatic 8) join in 9) difference 10) gain a good command 翻译 1) 史密斯太太对我抱怨说,她经常发现与自己十六岁的女儿简直无法沟通。

        Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found it simply impossible to communicate with her 16-year-old daughter. 2) 我坚信, 阅读简写的 (simplif) 英文小说是扩大我们词汇量的一种轻松愉快的方法。

        I firmly believe that reading simplif English novels is an easy and enjoyable way of enlarging our vocabulary. 3) 我认为我们在保护环境不受污染 (pollution) 方面还做得不够。

        I don’t think we’re doing enough to protect our environment from pollution. 4) 除了每周写作文外,我们的英语老师还给我们布置了八本书在暑假里阅读。

        In addition to/Apart from writing compositions on a weekly basis, our English teacher assigned us eight books to read during the summer vacation. 5) 我们从可靠的消息来源获悉下学期一位以英语为母语的人将要教我们英语口语。

        We’ve learned from reliable sources that a native English speaker is going to teach us spoken English next term/semester. 6) 经常看英语电影不仅会提高你的听力,而?#19968;够?#24110;助你培养说的技能。

        Seeing English movies on a regular basis will not only improve your ear, but will also help you build your speaking skills. 7) 如果你们对这些学习策略有什么问题,请随便问我。


        If you have any questions about these learning strategies, please feel free to ask me. And I’ll explain them in greater detail. 8) 那个加拿大女孩善于抓住每个机会讲汉语。

        这就是她为什么三年不到就熟练地掌握了汉 语口语的原因。

        The Canadian girl is good at seizing every opportunity to speak Chinese. That’s why she has gained a good command of spoken Chinese in less than three years. 附: Reading Activity 及 Guided Writing 5

        1) F 2) F 3) F 4) F 5) F 6) T 7) T 8) T 9) T 10) F 1)d 2)a 3)c 4)a 5)a 6)d 7)c 8)c 1) 如果你想得到更好的成绩,你就能得?#20581;?/p>

        是的,即便是智力一般的学生无需多下工夫也 能成为尖子生。

        2) 当然,学习不应该?#21152;?#26102;间表上的全部空 余时间。

        留出时间休息,搞一点业余爱好和娱 乐也是很重要的。

        3) 略读可?#22253;?#21161;你将阅读速度提高一倍,同 时?#37096;?#20197;提高你的理解能力。

        4) 如果你定期复习你的笔记和课本, 你就能 更深刻地领会这些材料的内容, 你的?#19988;湟不?保持得更长久。

        5) 改进你的学习习惯将会提高你的学习成绩。

        1) At first she didn’t want to go. Later, however, she changed her mind. 2) I have read one of his novels as well as a few of his plays. 3) He neither knows nor cares what happened. 4) It was a cold snowy day and he had no money left for food. 5) It rained heavily last night but I went to the show anyway. 6) The book is due tomorrow. Therefore, I have to rush through it tonight. 7) Hurry up, or you’ll be late. 6

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        如果无意之?#26143;?#29359;了您的版权,或有意见、反馈或投诉等情况, 联系我们:点击这里给我发消息

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